The Story

The Team, The Place, The People

Building a special place starts by finding the right people to share your vision.

The Team

Sambuca came together out of a vision shared between Massimo Albano, his brother Fausto Albano, and Stephen Dimassimo. Combining their years of experience while envisioning a place that combined high quality, light fare food with exceptional drinks, Sambuca was born.
While they brought Sambuca together, behind every perfect meal, behind every special drink, behind every full glass there is a staff of amazing people working to make it happen. We are always looking to expand and grow our team.

The Name


Naming Sambuca the pub after Sambuca the Italian Liquor was no accident. Being the second restaurant built by the Albano brothers they needed something to tie the new place into their growing ecosystem of high quality restaurants.
Their first restaurant was Lemoncello, a spin on the Italian liquor named ``limoncello``. So when it came time to find the perfect complimentary name, Sambuca was a natural fit.

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The Place


When we say we built this place, we literally ``built this place``. Growing up around construction and masonry, we have an abundance of talent in these hands. Most of what you see was because of our own hard work and labor.